Do you own an original John Wooster-Brown work?

We are keen to hear from anyone who currently owns an original John Wooster-Brown. 

Matthew BrownHi, My name is Matthew Brown. I am compiling a history of my father’s work. To help with this, I would be delighted to talk with anyone who owns one of his original pieces. In particular, I would love to hear the story of how you came to enjoy my father’s work and would be happy to assist you in valuing the work if you would like.

As part of the story of the art of John Wooster-Brown, I’d love to see a photo of the art in situ. With your permission, I’d like to show others your photograph by sharing it here on the website. I know my dad, John, would be equally delighted to see his work being enjoyed.

Identifying an original John Wooster-Brown

Many paintings by my father, John Wooster-Brown are signed in an easily recognisable way. While not all carry this mark, those that do are almost certainly the work of John Wooster-Brown.

Take, for example, this unframed painting of eagles in flight.

Eagles in flight

In the bottom right-hand corner you will find an identifying mark. This is the most common location to find the mark.

JWB Signiture

If the mark is missing, this does not mean that the work is not authentic. Dad, bless him, is not always consistent about placing this mark which generally indicates that he feels the work is completely finished to his satisfaction. Also, sometimes, placing such a mark would spoil the image so it may have been deliberately left out.

We can help you identify and authenticate a painting or sculpture by John Wooster-Brown. The most powerful tool we have for doing this is showing the work to him. While my father might not be too keen on things like computers and email (I do that for him), he is extremely friendly and loves to chat with people who appreciate art (not to mention boats, steam trains, or a good sci-fi).

Contact Us

This website is run by Matthew Brown for his father John Wooster-Brown. Matt will do his best to make sure John gets to see your message but that might not happen all that quickly.

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