Mediterranean scene

This Mediterranean scene showing shrimp boats on the water was compleated sometime around 2008.

About the Mediterranean scene

With the setting sun in the background, the shrimp boats are starting to come home now.

This is a painting that my dad describes as “just an idea” but it’s bright colours and slight oriental influence make it easily one of my favourites.

I asked my dad about his inspiration for this painting. He said, “the Impressionists, really.” Then he went on to talk about the idea itself and I tried to write what he said as fast as I could.

Over the years I’ve thought about these lovely little shrimp boats. They didn’t go out to sea but in the bay there would be these shrimp boats.

Just an idea in my mind, really about what the Mediterranean might look like.

Full View of the Mediterranean scene

Authenticating the Mediterranean scene

You can find my father’s usual style of signature on the image. However, it is harder to make out. It is hidden among the rocks in the bottom right-hand side.

He told me “I wanted the rocks to look real” which might explain why he hid the signature in the texture of the rocks.

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